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I’ve been discovering pretty cool blogs where teachers and non-teachers blog about kids and young adult books. Here’s one.


Snakes alive…well, not anymore…

Snakes alive...

researched Eastern Hognose…not poisonous, but sorry, if it’s in my garage, it’s a killer. The website said to leave them alone cuz they are helpful, but whoever wrote that didn’t have it in their garage!! They love sand (check) and sand dunes (check–we are 2 miles from dunes and out whole yard is sand)…oh well–looks like my polka dot high boots when I work in our (sandy) garden…!!

my girl


So, here’s my girl….Gary says she is so close (just needs a few years, but OMG she looks looks old)…to looking like I did when he met me. LOL I say–I was never this gorgeous…he says not. Still, I look at her pictures and I am spellbound. Knowing her so well makes the pictures more than pretty. She shines from within. If only my son would/could know what he is missing. I ask myself and God all the time–how can she be so centered, so solid, so happy, and I know that I have played a part in shaping her. I pray she is always this spirit-soul that she is today.

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